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Birthdate:May 7
Hi there. In these pages I don't pretend to be anything, be anyone, represent anybody or anything. At best, there may be some seriously thought-provoking material settling around in here. At worst, you'll find pictures of bacon taped to a cat. I don't claim to be a guru, teacher, advisor, expert, or anything of a similar or even dissimilar nature. I am who I am, and I'll say stuff that I'll agree with in years to come, or repudiate upon my dying breath.

There is nothing special or extraordinary about me that isn't special or extraordinary about anyone else, except the details are different. Often, I am a meme-lemming. Less often, I forward interesting newsy tidbits. Even less often, I interject moments of my own life, or processes of my own thoughts. If you find these interesting, by all means, you're welcome to stick around, though you might be left waiting for the really pithy stuff. If you don't, then do what you need to--I'm not one to hold a grudge over something of that nature.

My language may be rough at times, but I keep it reasonably clean. Same with topics and scenery. I ain't into pr0ny things, and if you should choose to mention such things in any commentary (for edification purposes, of course), I kindly ask that you link to them, and give fair warning.

As for me: I'm a writer. I'm a girl. I'm a martial artist (that phrase still cracks me up, but it's accurate, so it stays). I can build and fix things, sew, and cook. I like sugary things, I like strange weather, I like rare steak and even rarer fish. I know stuff, and in fact I know lots of stuff, but in the real balance of things I know only a fraction of a fraction of things in the world, and I'm quite happy that way. Shuttle launches still give me goosebumps. My first television memory was of Carter exiting Air Force One. I have a thing for Edward R. Murrow and Tom Waits. I firmly believe it is never too late to start anything. It's never too late to learn to surf.

I like cats and dogs. I am not very comfortable with my body, but I'm proud of the work that I've done to improve my health and well-being. ...And I can leg-press over 300 lbs. There's a smart-alecky Buddhist Hustler Down Under with whom I now live in the land of Vegemite. When I'm paying proper attention, why-nots win over the what-ifs. There are few things as comforting as a cat asleep on one's bare feet. Impact is not a verb.

I'm Texan, Mexican, Southern, and a Brooklynite all at the same time. Deal with it. I believe in the First Amendment. I go to antique car/hot rodding shows when I can, and weep bitterly at the thought that owning an automobile in the New York metropolitan area was, to be generous, prohibitive (working on getting a set of wheels in the land of Holden). I miss my friends and parents very much, mainly because I'm now on another continent in another hemisphere, so phone conversations will have to do.

I wish I spoke a hundred languages. Including dead ones. I wish I were working in my industry earning what I'm worth. I love watching the sun rise through my living room window. If I had my druthers, I'd be a perpetual student. The loans, of course, make this obscenely impossible. My superpower of choice is teleportation. And if I could say anything to you, it'd be "take it easy, take your time, and quit living in the past and the future. You can't get frequent-flyer miles for that."

And, because it amuses the hell outta me: says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!
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